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Cabling Length
The maximum cabling length of Cat network is 100m with Gbps. Whereas Catis limited to 30m cabling length with 2Gbps or 40 Gbps.

If we consider pricing, Cat cables are more expensive than other standards considering its unique features.

One the biggest reasons that Wi-Fi is used on the PSis positioning. I loved this. A lot of the time your router is too far away from your console to make use of the hard-wire. This 2foot long cable is perfect for connecting a further-away router to your PlayStation 4.
The flat nature of this cable is extremely helpful in making it an unobtrusive part of your gaming space. The added length makes no difference to the signal strength either, so you don’t need to worry about that.
Great Value
And if the three foot model isn’t quite up to snuff, you can get this black cable in a variety of different sizes or even invest in ten at a time. It’s nothing fancy, but these effectives are some of the most cost effective options you’ll find for improving your online experience.
Cable Matters 16002ft CatSnagless Ethernet Cable

Are you a serious gamer with a lot of different devices? If you’re looking to hook up all of your consoles and your PC to a single hub, Cable Matters can provide a solution. They offer a pack of colorful Catcables that can provide a faster connection for all of your devices at the same time. And these patch cables are highly versatile as well.
Their snagless design allows them to be set up in a number of different configurations without having to worry about damage to the cable or surrounding devices, and their molded strain design makes them more durable than the average fly by night models. They also use RJ4connectors for guaranteed compatibility with practically any device you could imagine.
CableGeeker Cat Ethernet Cable 100 ft
Five or six foot patch cables may be an eminently practical choice if you have all of your gamer gear and accessories outfitted in a designated room, but sometimes things aren’t that simple. CableGeeker offers the longest ethernet cable on the list, and it doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of size. This catcable has the handy advantage of being flat to allow you to manage your space better and avoid tangles.
MATEIN CatEthernet Cable 50 Ft
The best ethernet cable for gaming is one that keeps unsightly wires out of the sight of company, and 50 feet of network cable from Matein can provide you with an unobtrusive design that can stretch an incredibly long way. The flat design of the ethernet cable here is the best choice for making the most of your space and connecting wire underneath carpets, and this kit even comes with accessories in the shape of clips to make the installation experience a painless affair.
DEEGO CatEthernet Cable 50 FT
Deego’s network cable has been rigorously tested to withstand a variety of different environmental hazards, and it’s a category all its own in terms of speed with its gold coating designed explicitly to reduce signal loss. The copper covered connectors further support a higher level of quality in data transfer rates.
Rankie RJ4CatEthernet Cable pack 5ft

Rankie is straightforward and to the point with their cables. Each five pack comes with either five midnight colored cords or five colored options that include a white model. That makes distinguishing all of the components in your wired setup easy, and the support for catconnectivity means that you’ll always have quick and peppy speeds when you’re trying to play your favorite titles.
As with all cords in this class, the Rankie models are compatible with all earlier versions as well, and they should work with any internet capable device in your home. They’re a great choice for households with multiple consoles.

With the connector pins facing up, carefully insert the wires into the connector. Apply a moderate amount of force in order to properly seat the wires against the contacts in the connector.
Note that the loadbar has slots on one side with a flanged edge on one end. The sloted side should face the pins inside the connector.The wires are inserted into the flanged end.

Hold the grouped (and sorted) wires together tightly, between the thumb, and forefinger. Cut all of the wires at a sharp angle from the cable. Use a sharp cutting tool so as not to “squash” the wire ends.
Hold the load bar so the staggered holes face toward the cable. Insert the wires through the load bar, one at a time, carefully observing the orientation. Slide the load bar as far down as possible.
Cut off the excess wire ends with a straight cut about 0.25″ past the load bar. With the connector pins facing up, slide the load bar assembly into the connector. Insure that the wires are firmly seated to the end of the connector. The brown pair wires should be on the right side.
Observe the tip of the connector to confirm that all the wires are fully inserted. The end of each wire you should be in full view. There should be enough of the cable jacket inside the connector to crimp against.
Place the connector into the crimp tool, and squeeze hard so that the handle reaches its full swing.
Different Ethernet Categories
Ethernet cabling differences can be invisible to the casual observer. However, each new generation introduces copper pairs with tighter twists and more complex sheathing. Many earlier Ethernet generation cables have become obsolete.
Category 3
Catcable is an earlier generation of Ethernet but can still be seen in older deployments. With the ability to support a maximum frequency of 1MHz, this type of Ethernet can still be used for two-line telephone systems and 10BASE-T networks. CATcable can also be used for alarm system installation or similar applications. CATcable can have 2, 3, or copper pairs (though uncommon). Category 5e cable, however, has become the default Ethernet category of choice with the ability to support faster speeds and frequencies..

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