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Microsun Nautical
Quite often, people choose products that are comfortable in use and don’t pay attention to the tiny details. For lovers of smart and original look, there is the Nautical lamp with a single straight stand and a shade at the top. The stand is made of metal with bronze finish while the shade is linen with rigid sides. By the way, the shade is adjustable, it means that the users can rotate the shade as they like.

Unlike the previous lamp, this item is powered by electricity, so it comes with the cord. But, it is also equipped with light outputs. It means that the light level is adjustable as well: you can choose Halide or LED bulb separately, or you can choose three of them turned on simultaneously, depending on the purpose.
Microsun Library of Congress
Library of Congress from Microsun is simultaneously the name of the model and its purpose.
Indeed, this model is the first lamp that was designed for such a significant institution. Luckily, it is also available for everyone. Moreover, this lamp will be a wonderful addition to any type of interior, thanks to a luxurious combination of gold finish, leather texture and silk. And if black leather is not something that suits you, you can choose different leather texture options that are available in different models within the same series.
It’s socket-dependant
If you are a fan of thrillers or horrors, but you are afraid of reading them especially in the dark, a lamp in such cases might be not an option. However, Microsun provides pretty nice illumination, so you can read top Stephen King books without even slight notice of fear.
Microsun Metalworks
Metalworks from Microsun somehow resembles the Statesman model. However, the satin brass finish of the body adds intrigue, while angle-free shade of cream tone gives more delicacy. This lamp is an awesome light source for reading, as an additional light in the bedroom or any purpose you want to use it for. Mainly, it’s because of the technology that provides bright light, and the user can adjust its level, which is quite important.
Microsun Mission Amish

The design Mission Amish was inspired by Western architecture with Spanish tones. As a result, there appeared a combination of a wooden body made of selected walnut and a cream linen shade of rounded shape.
The features in this lamp are the same as in the previous models. However, users will enjoy using a lamp that doesn’t have any cords and charges from sunlight during the day. This can be a crucial detail since you are not dependent on electricity.
Microsun Regency
Matching materials used in an interior with electric appliances must be quite a challenging task. However, for those whose home design has some marble and gold elements, Microsun Regency should be an optimal solution. It does have these components: marble in the base of the lamp and golden finish of the body. They are perfectly seasoned by a cream octagonal silk shade that makes an overall look irresistible.
Summing Up
When it comes to having an ordinary thing, nobody thinks about its performance and influence on your health. Thus, speaking about the light source, you should pay attention to its specifications first since it can distort your vision greatly. Luckily, the result of Microsun craft brought humanity the patented technology that doesn’t oppress your eye health, but rather promotes it and produces bright light not depending on the wattage. Isn’t it a miracle? Don’t neglect your health, choose the quality lamps.

Evaluates the Microsun lamp that claims to provide more light output than a 300-watt halogen bulb, but uses only 6watts. The price range of the lamp; Comparison to a similar lamp, the Monticello; The bulbs the lamp uses; The amount of money in electricity one can save.

Lighting shapes how welcoming and comfortable a room becomes after nightfall, and furnishing a space with a multitude of light sources can improve general ambience while curtailing eye fatigue. Too little or too much light can tire the eyes. Additionally, light reflecting off walls at night creates the illusion of space, making even small rooms seem larger (inversely, a single light source diminishes perceived space). Thus, interior designers and lighting specialists always recommend layering light with an overlapping spectrum of accent, ambient, and task lighting sources.
Confused? Imagine interior lighting as a three-piece band. Accent lighting is the lead guitarist, going solo in the corner, bringing attention to a specific section of the room or a prominent feature (e.g. a piece of art or furnishing). Ambient performs in the background like a bass player, casting a softer and general lighting to set a room’s overall mood. The task light is the vocalist, casting adjustable illuminance for reading, working, or just hanging out, ideally without glare or shadows. Combine all three and you’ve got a harmonious luminescence layered with nuance, mood, and purpose.
Continuing with this analogy, a floor lamp can practically be a band unto itself. Partnered with the right bulb and an add-on dimmer to adjust output, some models can operate as accent, ambient, and task lighting all in one. But more often a floor lamp operates as a combination of two of the three lighting sources, typically task and ambient. That’s why we believe a floor lamp should be in every living room, to complement other sources of light overhead and nearby..

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