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Face painting is one of the fun activities that kids do enjoy on certain occasions such as Halloween, birthday parties, get-togethers or even when they are just at home playing with their family or other kids. Because they love to dress up and be whoever or whatever they desire to be, face painting unleashes their creative and playful imagination.

Face Paint Kit with 30 Stencils Paints by Bo Buggles
Paint with stencils makes face painting much easier for first-timers! And if you are still looking for a nice set of brushes, stencils and paint palette, the face paint kit by Bo Buggles might be a good option.

Just like most face painting kits, it is FDA-approved, guaranteed safe, and suitable for sensitive skin. Your kids will love it! It has face paint colors and 30 stencils that are and will remain adhesive even up to uses. The colors are of premium quality and are all easy to put on and remove.
Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack
Snazaroo is one of the best-sellers and widely-used face painting brands on the market. They have sworn to have used only quality ingredients that approved by the FDA to make their face paints completely safe; it is skin-friendly, paraben-free, fragrance-free and independently approved by professional dermatologists and toxicologists.

Key Features
If you are a beginner or you need a variety of designs, this face paint kit by Create a Face can be your guide. Aside from the base colors, it includes 3stencils with abstract and lovely designs and a guidebook you can follow. It is also guaranteed safe and hypoallergenic with its non-toxic ingredients. It is FDA-approved.
Are you in a rush for a Halloween party or a special event? It only takes sixty-seconds for the face paint to dry! It dries quickly but stays on to the skin for long hours. But when the party’s over, it is easy to remove.

Some users find it difficult to use face paints with brushes. You’ve got to have a good hand! If you’re one of those who think the same way, you need a good alternative. You might need Dress Up America Face and Body Crayons. Yes, they are crayons.
They come in 1different colors, non-toxic and safe for children. All the colors are pigmented and vibrant! And to wipe it off, you just need a tissue or a damp cloth. Wash your face with soap and water.
If you want to keep all the fun going and make the activities more creative, you can use face painting kits. Just makes sure all the contents are guaranteed safe especially for your kids! And to help you find the best and safest face painting kit, you can rely on our comprehensive reviews and buying guides.
You also get a comprehensive 58-page guide which outlines which techniques and styles you should follow to make designs ranging from simple to technical.
ARTacts -Professional Artist Paint Brush Set
A few kits above focussed solely on the paints. Here, we do something a little different and move towards the end of our discussion with a set of professional face painting brushes. There are 1brushes in this set, all made out of high-quality synthetic materials which are also non-toxic.  They come with a lifetime guarantee on their quality, to top it off.

With the last review, we wrap up our discussion on 1of the best face painting kits you can buy on the market today. All of them are somewhat different in their applications, uses and the variety of equipment that you get with each of them.

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